Dr. Harrison is providing psychological services to Albertans.
Available exclusively through Telehealth Platforms: Video and Telephone.

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Dr. Ken Harrison - Registered Psychologist

Dr KenIt does not seem much to ask for a life well-lived, whatever that might entail.  Still, for many of us it is a matter of pursuit more than of achievement.  There is an ever growing body of psychological knowledge that offers insights into the means by which we can more effectively live our lives well, or to make the pursuit itself suitably rewarding.  This is my interest as a Clinical and Counselling psychologist.


I introduce myself as Dr. Ken Harrison to emphasize that with a doctorate I meet the higher professional standard for psychologists that is recognized around the world.  I use Ken to emphasize that I remain contentedly an ordinary fellow.  You are welcome to call me Ken.   As a seasoned psychologist of some 18 years I have enjoyed working with those who variously seek a simple and contented life, satisfying relationships, greater life meaning, the accomplishment of significant goals, recovery or strengthening of physical and mental health, and/or removal of barriers to those and other objectives. Guided by an enthusiasm for applying a broad knowledge of psychosocial matters to presenting problems, an abiding curiosity about the minds, emotions, and experiences of the people I work with, and an ability to collaborate in a relational exchange, has proven to be an effective formula for promoting change or achieving goals.

If these comments seem like a good fit for you, please feel free to contact me by telephone at (780) 217-5339 or email at drkenharrison@gmail.com to discuss the things that matter to you.

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